Running a Mobile Car Wash in Arkansas

Are you considering starting a mobile car wash business? It is a fun business, and is one of the first businesses I have started when I was a younger man. In fact, I didn’t know any better, so I just kept growing the company and taking it into more and more cities and more, and more states. After my company was featured in a PBS special on TV viewed by 70 million Americans, someone had contacted me from Arkansas who wanted to buy a franchise. He lived Little Rock, and thus, it was much different than running the business out in California or any of the other states I had already gone into.Immediately, we tried to set up accounts with large trucking companies, fleets, and government agencies. I was amazed at how easy it was to do business there, but also how they wanted to do business locally, with people they knew, and people they could trust. Arkansas is that way, but once you’re in it is an excellent place to do business. It may not be the wealthiest area in our country, or even have the most cars, but the people are loyal customers to those companies which can perform.Although Bentonville was a long way away from Little Rock, that is the home of Walmart, and a huge number of companies which are suppliers to Walmart are now also headquartered in that town. And since they are the largest company, employing the most people, they also have an incredible distribution system, and someone has to wash all those trucks. Speaking of trucks, on the far side, the opposite side of the state is West Memphis, Arkansas.That’s right, West Memphis is actually in Arkansas, and it is a distribution hub for a good many large LTL and full load trucking companies. If you run a mobile car washing operation and you want to wash trucks Arkansas, you need to have an operation there. Of course, it’s not without competition there are many other companies and services that area.In the Little Rock area there is North Little Rock, and although it is a lower income area, it’s filled with labor, hard workers, and many of them have auto detailing and car wash experience. That made it very easy for us. On the Westside of Little Rock, it is a highly affluent middle class, doing quite well, and office parking lot washing was literally a goldmine. If you’re looking for a touristy area, Hot Springs Arkansas is the place to be. And there are quite a few affluent folks who want car detailing living in that very scenic area.Suffice it to say, Arkansas was a great market for us, and a good market for anyone who wants to run a mobile car wash. And whereas there is competition there, there are plenty customers who will be quite loyal and rather enjoy on-site great service in washing their cars. Please consider all this and think on.

How Rain Can Be Bad For Your Car

Rain can be refreshing on a hot and humid day, but car owners usually don’t like it much, especially when their cars are newly-washed and sparkling. Somehow, rain has the uncanny quality of making the shiniest of cars dirty and grimy.Here are few reasons why rain can actually be bad for your car.Rain makes the car dirtier than it should be. The funny thing is, rain makes a clean car dirty, but makes a dirty car even harder to clean! When you take out your dusty car and drive it through the rain, some of the dust and grime are washed off, but when the rain stops and you’re still driving, expect the remaining mud to. Your tyres accumulate hard to remove mud, and even the underside of your car is caked with mud. Failure to do this will hasten the deterioration of your car. A car’s metal parts, when left underneath layers of dirt will quickly rust, therefore causing depreciation and eventual breakdown of the car body.Rain puts added pressure on the tyres, wipers, fan belt, power steering and brakes. Rain or moisture causes a lot of car parts to slightly malfunction. Although cars are meant to be driven even through the roughest of rains, the moisture it produces makes some normal car functions to trip and cause some alarm to the driver.The most obvious will be your windshield wipers, which take the brunt and force of heavy rain. And what will you do without them? Driving through rain with broken or malfunctioning wipers is extremely dangerous. Especially when visibility is near zero, you’d be better off parking somewhere safe, and allowing the rain to pass – this is the best thing to do when you know you have trippy wipers that could cause you major accidents. Keep you wipers in tip top shape.Another victim of moisture is your fan belt. Moisture can cause your fan belt to squeal, especially if the moisture gets between your belt and the pulleys or belt tension.that all hold it in place. If you notice your belt squealing minutes after you drive through a large puddle or in the rain, chances are your belt is getting wet somehow. Have it checked out by a good mechanic.If you drive a car with power steering, you know that the rain messes up with it, too. The power steering will fail temporarily (it locks up). Having your mechanic replace the pump regularly is a good idea, but rain and its moisture will somehow affect its normal function. Once it locks up, force it to move back and forth and little, the belt will finally give a little squeal and then everything is back to normal.Another victim of rain is the braking system. A lot of cars have a tendency to make brake-grinding noises for the first few stops after they’ve been parked in the rain or mist. It’s because brake discs rapidly get a very light coating of rust from the moisture. Using the brakes scrapes the rotors clean again, and the noise goes away pretty fast. Your brake rotors can rust very quickly. They can make a grinding noise when you first drive your car after the rotors get wet, but it will go away after the rust gets scraped off by the brake pads.Acid rain. Defined by automakers as environmental fallout, it is a term used to describe the deposit of damaging pollutants, whether wet or dry. These pollutants are released by burning fuels and react with other elements in the atmosphere and become acids. Rain itself is not the culprit, but when the rain dries, it leaves the concentrated acid part. Paint acts like a sponge and it keeps collecting all that acidic material.How to avoid damage on your car – Repeated exposure is bad. If you consistently park your car in a covered area, garage or carport, you can avoid some of the worst effects of acid rain. Some manufacturers used acid-resistant paints, which costs a lot less than it might cost you to fix a problem afterward. To avoid permanent scarring, have your car washed and hand-dried frequently. Light-coloured vehicles seem to suffer less obvious damage; darker-colored vehicles will show wear sooner.And when some paint damage has already happened, there is still hope. Hire a professional to have your contaminated paint cleaned up. A high-quality polymer paint sealant also has co-polymers and amino functional resins that will fight future acid rain while resisting the effects of soap and sun.Rain is a natural phenomenon which brings life and helps maintain the environmental equilibrium. It may not be kind to man-made machines, but there are ways to make your metal babies survive even the harshest rain weather. The prime factors are care & responsibility but maintenance is the key.

Auto Dealerships: Is Your Auto Detail Company a Vendor Or a Strategic Partner?

If you think that detail companies just wash the cars, you may be missing an opportunity to increase sales and generate higher profits.Enhanced Internet Ads. Make ready services for pre-owned purchases are critical to enhancing the appeal of the car in internet photos.Enhanced appearance on lot & in the showroom. Invest the money up front to insure the cars have a luxurious finish and all the details have been addressed. Your detail company should be monitoring the condition of the showroom cars – daily – to insure the best presentation possible.Partnership on Service Department Sales. Sell more details to your current customers-keep them coming to you for all their car needs. This is a clear win-win for the auto dealership and the detail company.Focus on what you do well. Auto Dealerships are talented at selling and servicing cars. Detail companies are focused and talented at cleaning and reconditioning cars.Invest in a Partnership. To maximize the benefits of outsourcing, you must select a business partner – not just a car wash company.This means the corporate culture and values should be an important part of the evaluation and selection process. The business acumen of the outsource organization- their ability to understand dealership problems and help in finding solutions – should be critical to you.For example, the number one reason customers are dissatisfied with the delivery of their car (either upon purchase or service) is that it is not clean. A Partnership allows the dealership and the detailing firm to work together to improve CSI scores.Great CSI scores mean bonus’ and incentives to the Dealership. Develop a partnership with your Detail Company in order to align goals and work together to maximize each others’ profits. Overall, by outsourcing the auto detail function at a dealership and selecting the right strategic partner, an auto dealership should be able to:• Enhance auto appearance;• Add services to expand customer offerings and profit dollars; and• Focus on Dealership core competencies (Sales & Service).