Running a Mobile Car Wash in Arkansas

Are you considering starting a mobile car wash business? It is a fun business, and is one of the first businesses I have started when I was a younger man. In fact, I didn’t know any better, so I just kept growing the company and taking it into more and more cities and more, and more states. After my company was featured in a PBS special on TV viewed by 70 million Americans, someone had contacted me from Arkansas who wanted to buy a franchise. He lived Little Rock, and thus, it was much different than running the business out in California or any of the other states I had already gone into.Immediately, we tried to set up accounts with large trucking companies, fleets, and government agencies. I was amazed at how easy it was to do business there, but also how they wanted to do business locally, with people they knew, and people they could trust. Arkansas is that way, but once you’re in it is an excellent place to do business. It may not be the wealthiest area in our country, or even have the most cars, but the people are loyal customers to those companies which can perform.Although Bentonville was a long way away from Little Rock, that is the home of Walmart, and a huge number of companies which are suppliers to Walmart are now also headquartered in that town. And since they are the largest company, employing the most people, they also have an incredible distribution system, and someone has to wash all those trucks. Speaking of trucks, on the far side, the opposite side of the state is West Memphis, Arkansas.That’s right, West Memphis is actually in Arkansas, and it is a distribution hub for a good many large LTL and full load trucking companies. If you run a mobile car washing operation and you want to wash trucks Arkansas, you need to have an operation there. Of course, it’s not without competition there are many other companies and services that area.In the Little Rock area there is North Little Rock, and although it is a lower income area, it’s filled with labor, hard workers, and many of them have auto detailing and car wash experience. That made it very easy for us. On the Westside of Little Rock, it is a highly affluent middle class, doing quite well, and office parking lot washing was literally a goldmine. If you’re looking for a touristy area, Hot Springs Arkansas is the place to be. And there are quite a few affluent folks who want car detailing living in that very scenic area.Suffice it to say, Arkansas was a great market for us, and a good market for anyone who wants to run a mobile car wash. And whereas there is competition there, there are plenty customers who will be quite loyal and rather enjoy on-site great service in washing their cars. Please consider all this and think on.